Forensic Science (Fri) - EST

Fri May 07, 2021 - Fri Jun 11, 2021
Here students learn about forensic science and become a SciGenius detective! Students will learn about investigative techniques and use chemistry, molecular biology, and physics to explore mysteries throughout the sessions. For instance, our students will have to solve the mystery of Who Stole the Cookies in one week.
They’ll learn how forensic experts use science to discover the hidden clues left behind at crime scenes and how that helps investigators solve difficult cases. Discover the unseen world of chemicals, molecules, and genetics in this program of inquiry and exploration!
Skills Overview
• Learn how to use laboratory equipment, DNA technology, use of different applications & disciplines, Chemistry section learn the various forms of chromatography and biology.
• Problem Solving & Resource Management Skills that help kids learn to allocate and use finite resources and develop insightful solutions to problems.
• Crucial Life Skills – Logical thinking, focus, teamwork & communication skills.
We will send you a kit that includes everything your child will need to participate in the class. Please register early so that all materials can be shipped to you in time.
Your tuition includes:
SciGenius STEAM instructor
Small Class Guarantee 
Forensic Box with all the materials


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