Intermediate Chess ll (Wed) - PST

Wed Apr 28, 2021 - Wed Jun 02, 2021
We will learn how to think ahead and how to apply your knowledge to the chess game. How to manage your time well - so we won't play too fast or too slow. How to come up with the plan/moves and how to choose the right plan. Calculating ahead in chess helps us in the various activities in our life. I love to bring examples of chess &life situations and show how sometimes it might seem similar! 
Notations/ Symbols/ Chess Terms Glossary
Discussing basic Endgame principles
How to think in the Middle game
Opening principles and underlying concepts (best Opening for YOUR style!)
Topic-Specific Sessions
Covering various tactical patterns with game
Gaining and maintaining the initiative
Conceiving a plan and executing it - step by step
Fundamentals of Pawn Endings
Psychological Factors  - factors affecting your game on and off the board!
Planning (single and multi-phase) in ANY position; based on a thorough evaluation
Game Analysis (analysis of your played games and specifying weak areas)
Position Evaluation


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