Art Makers Lab Jr. (Thu) - PST

Thu May 06, 2021 - Thu Jun 10, 2021
Our LIVE Online class is a collage of artistic experiences rooted in one fundamental creative principle – to provide campers with the foundation that will inform and inspire their vision and imaginations. We will explore line, shape, color, texture, and pattern through creative 2d and 3d works of art. We will be creating and exploring drawing and painting techniques, collage, and sculpture, all in a variety of mediums and styles. The study of famous artists will be introduced through age-appropriate literature and vibrant visuals. This class provides students with inventive art instruction and projects that will enhance their creative problem-solving skills, as well as encouraging out-of-the-box expression. We will email parents with regards to materials.

Skill Overview
• Introduce students to various colors, science, geometric shapes, and encourage creative development. Discussion questions require them to critically think and analyze masterpieces, while also inspiring them to create their development.
• Problem Solving & Resource Management Skills that help kids learn to allocate and use finite resources and develop insightful solutions to problems.
• Crucial Life Skills – Observe & look closer, tell stories, trust in their abilities & be creative in the skills they learned.

Your tuition includes:
• SciGenius STEAM instructor
• Small Class Guarantee


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